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Google Suggests Goes Local & Spelling Suggestions For Names

Google announced three changes today, one for Google Suggestions and the other two for spelling enhancements. In short, Google Suggest now shows search suggestions tailored to U.S. metro areas. Google’s spell checker now works for misspellings of names and now auto-spelling corrections are done in 31 languages.

The two examples given for Google Suggest for metro areas are (1) in San Francisco [bart] is probably not Bart Simpson; it’s probably Bay Area Rapid Transit and (2) in Chicago when you search for Bull you get Chicago Bulls related suggestions.

In name spelling suggestions, Google will use adjectives describing the name to help with spelling suggestions. For example, [matthew devin oracle], [yuri lehner stanford], [simon tung machine learning]. Plus, the auto-corrections for spelling mistakes found in Google has been expanded to 31 languages.

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