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Google Sued Over Street View Showing Woman's Underwear On Clothesline

The Telegraph reports Google was sued by a Japanese woman because its Google Street View service displayed an image of her home with her underwear hanging in clear sight.

The suit is for over $7,000 US dollars or 600,000 Yen. The woman is claiming psychological distress that has worsened her existing obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“I was overwhelmed with anxiety that I might be the target of a sex crime,” the woman told a district court. “It caused me to lose my job and I had to change my residence.”

“I could understand if it was just a picture of the outside of the apartment, but showing a person’s underwear hanging outside is absolutely wrong,” the woman said.

Since then, the woman was fired from her job at a hospital and moved to a new apartment. The woman’s name has currently not been revealed. The actual image also also since been removed, reports the Mainichi Daily News.

Illustration above (not the actual Street View image) from Eriwst on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.

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