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No, That's Not Someone Having A Baby On Google Street View

This morning, there is a lot of buzz around a Google Street View Image that shows a woman giving birth to a baby. You can see the image below or on Twitpic. The bottom line, this is a fake image.

How do I know? Google tweeted that it was fake. Google said on their German Twitter account:

Bei der angeblichen Geburt auf Street View, die hier gerade die Runde macht, handelt es sich um ein Fake!

That translated to:

When the alleged birth to Street View, which makes this just the round, it is a fake!

TechCrunch EU shared the real street view image, which you can see live here. The image Google has is of a blurred homes on Google Street Views. This must have been some publicity stunt of some sorts.

Here is the fake image:

Fake Google Street View Baby Image

The birth is allegedly happening in the center of the picture, with the woman on her back, another person holding the new baby.

Here is the real image:

Real Google Street View Baby Image

As you can see, even though the image is blurred, the portion where the individuals were are still visibile in this blurred image. So Google did not blur this out after the fact.

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