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Takeaways From Google's 2010 Stockholder Meeting

Google executives reflect on year at annual meeting from CNet News reports on yesterday’s shareholder meeting at Google. At the meeting was Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, co-founder Larry Page, VP of products Susan Wojcicki, VP of user experience Marissa Mayer, general counsel Kent Walker and others.

I wanted to sum up the key takeaways as reported at CNet News:

  • Display advertising is Google’s “next huge business,” said Schmidt.
  • Google will support Adobe’s Flash, likely in the next version of Android.
  • Google won’t answer phone calls from their shareholders.
  • Google continues to talk about openness when presented with questions about Facebook.
  • Supposedly, there are rumors that Google would pay AdMob $700 million even if the FTC blocks the deal. Schmidt was asked about it at the meeting, but did not give an answer if those rumors were true or false.

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