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Google Shows Related Results At Bottom Of Results: "Pages Similar To"

Google is now showing a new feature for some navigational searches named “pages similar to.” I noticed this a few hours ago from my office, where I searched for [search engine land] and at the very bottom of the search results, Google showed me a section named “pages similar to.” Those results contained four links to related web sites in our industry, with a hyperlink by the name of the site, with a short one line description and the URL in green. Also, the “pages similar to” text linked to a ‘related command; in Google.

Google confirmed this is something they are now launching. They said they hope to write about it tomorrow. As an FYI, I do not see the new “pages similar to” feature from my home.

Here is a screen shot:

Pages Similar To... on Google

Postscript: Google has now posted on this at their blog, saying:

We hope this feature helps you discover many useful websites that you didn’t know about before and get a better understanding of all the choices the web has to offer.

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