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Google Showing Clickthrough Data In Webmaster Tools

We don’t know yet know if it’s a test or a permanent addition, but at least some webmasters are seeing clickthrough statistics in their Google Webmaster Tools accounts. We assume this is strictly organic clickthrough data. This appears to have been noticed first by Dutch search marketer, Karel Geenen. And I’m seeing it in my Webmaster Tools account, too:


(That’s a screenshot with data from my site about the rock band U2.)

To see if you also have this organic clickthrough data, go to the “Your site on the web” tab and then click on “Top search queries.” The display defaults to showing the previous 30 days, and has dropdowns that allow filtering by about 15 countries as well as search type: All, Image, Mobile, Mobile (smartphone), and Web. The calendar, at least in my account, lets me go only as far back as March 10.


We have an email in to Google looking for more information about this and will update this post if/when we learn more.

Postscript: My apologies, this feature was part of a group of things that Google announced earlier today. Barry Schwartz wrote about them here.

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