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Google Search Console Search Analytics API gains Discover, News and Regex

Google has added new support, data and features to the Google Search Console Search Analytics API. The API now supports showing data for Google Discover, Google News and also supports Regex commands — all of which were already supported in the web interface.

Google announced this morning this support has been added to the Search Analytics API after many requests from the industry to add it.

API updates. “The searchType parameter, which previously enabled you to filter API calls by news, video, image, and web, will be renamed to type and will support two additional parameters: discover (for Google Discover) and googleNews (for Google News),” the company said. Google is still supporting the old name searchType for the time being, so it is backwards compatible.

Also, Google explained that “some metrics and dimensions are compatible only with some data types; for example, queries and positions are not supported by the Google Discover report.” This would also apply with the API and the API would thus return an error message.

Regex API support. Google has added Regex support to the API, specifically to the query and page dimensions. Two new operators have been added to the existing match operations, they are includingRegex and excludingRegex.

More documentation. You can learn more about the API in the help documents over here.

Already in web interface. Like we said above, these features have been in the web interface for a while. Google has now brought support to the API. Google News performance reports were added in January 2021, Google Discover performance reports gained full data in February 2021 and Regex support was added in April 2021.

Why we care. Many of you use APIs to help automate and streamline your day-to-day SEO practices and reporting. Having access to these additional data points and adding in Regex controls should make these reporting tasks easier and more automated.

This should save you time to do other SEO-related tasks, tasks you might have a harder time automating.

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