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Google Search Console performance reports data issue may impact analytics

Google Search Console had yet another data issue with the performance reports, this time impacting Google Search, Google Discover, and Google News data. Google said this was a “logging issue on analytics” that occurred between February 1 through February 3.

Rankings not impacted. This was just an analytics issue, any drop in impressions and clicks might be related to the data logging issue and not related to any search ranking changes. Google said “this is only a logging issue; it does not reflect a change in either user behavior or search results on Google.”

The issue. Google said this was a “logging issue on analytics.” Google wrote “Performance metrics suffered a logging issue on analytics for Search, Discover, and Google News.” This may lead to you seeing “some discrepancies in your performance data during this period,” Google added.

Why we care. Make sure to annotate your reporting, Google already added an annotation directly to the Performance reports. But if you send data to your clients or internally based on Search Console data, make sure to communicate this data issue with those reports.

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