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Google Search Console inaccessible for some users

We are seeing a large number of SEOs reporting that they cannot access Google Search Console right now. It seems like it might be an issue in some regions; e.g., some users on the west coast or other regions.

I, personally, have no issues accessing Search Console at google.com/search-console but there are numerous complaints about the toolset not responding.

Why we care. Some of you are probably trying to process client reports and do SEO analysis for SEO audits. You can try to VPN to an east coast location and if that still doesn’t work, then maybe just take a breather and come back to it later?

Just know, you are not alone and Google is aware of the issue.

We're aware of an issue with Search Console that prevents some users from using the service. We're working on fixing it and we'll post an update when the issue is resolved. ^gi

— Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) December 16, 2021

The complaints. Here is what some SEOs have reported:

@dannysullivan Is Google Search Console down? It keeps throwing up 429 errors… @rustybrick pic.twitter.com/5KIT44FB9K

— Matt Smith (@mlsutah) December 16, 2021

Not working for me. I even cleared cookies. This is what happens when I'm trying to access iloveseo GSC. pic.twitter.com/uHoZx1bJQg

— BrianHarnish (@BrianHarnish) December 16, 2021

I think someone broke Google.

Search console is down for many right now. https://t.co/Dh2JqYluAk pic.twitter.com/gtCdzEkiLF

— Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) December 16, 2021

Google is aware. Google is aware of the issue and Google’s John Mueller and Danny Sullivan have responded to some of the complaints.

cc: @JohnMu @googlesearchc

— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 16, 2021

Works for me /shrug

— 🧀 John 🧀 (@JohnMu) December 16, 2021

See here it's being looked at but we haven't pinned anything down: https://t.co/hJ7QPWRlcW

— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 16, 2021

I assume this is a regional DNS or server-related issue that will eventually resolve itself over time. Until then, go for a coffee break or read some of the breaking search news on Search Engine Land.

Working again at 4pm ET. I am hearing reports now that it is working again at least for some users but it might not be back fully for everyone.


— Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) December 16, 2021

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