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Google Revamps The Google Doodles (Logos) Directory

Google announced on their Google+ page that they have revamped the Google Doodles page.

Google Doodles is what Google calls their special logos that they put up for special holidays or to remember special people from our history.

The new Doodle page has a quick search box at the top, making it easy to search for the pac man logo. It also has drop down filters to filter the logos by year and by region.

You can also learn more about Google Doodles, buy Doodles from the Doodles On Demand store and subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified of new Doodles added to the gallery.

The filters for year and the RSS feed, I believe were all exciting features. Google also cleaned up the design, from a single column to multiple column view.

More Google Logos:

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