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Google Retiring AdWords Report Center

The Google AdWords Blog announced they are going to soon be retiring the AdWords Report Center.

The reports will soon begin migrating over to your campaign tabs and eventually the reporting center tab will be completely removed. Google said you can access all the reports you had now on “the same pages where you manage your campaigns, making finding key performance drivers (and acting on your discoveries) faster and easier.”

Since Google is moving the reports into the Campaign tab, Google said they “plan to gradually move the existing reports from the Report Center into the Campaigns tab, then retire the Report Center entirely.” This will be a gradual move over the next couple weeks. In fact, Google documented the stages of the move as follows:

  • Over the coming weeks, we’ll move the key elements from every report in the Report Center into the Campaigns tab.
  • Whenever a report becomes available in the Campaigns tab, we’ll remove the option to create this type of report in the Report Center.
  • Don’t worry, the scheduled reports you’ve set up for this report type will still run as usual. However, we’ll also copy these reports into the “Reports” section of your Control Panel & Library. Once you’re comfortable with the new version of your scheduled reports, you can delete your old reports from the Report Center to avoid receiving duplicate emails with the same AdWords data.
  • After we’ve finished moving all report types into the Campaigns tab, we’ll retire the Report Center entirely. You’ll then download, schedule, and email your reports only from the pages where you manage your campaigns.

There are two exceptions to this change, those who use the My Client Center reports and reports for TV ads won’t be migrated.

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