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Google Real Time Search Adds More Sources: Quora, Gowalla & More

A Quora thread noticed that Google Real Time Search is now including more sources beyond Twitter, Google News, Buzz and other sources. The new additions appear to be from Quora.com, Gowolla, Plixi, Me2day, Twitgoo and some others. Public Facebook profiles and fan pages have been included for a while.

So to update our Google Real Time source list, here is our revised list:

  • Twitter tweets
  • Google News links
  • Google Blog Search links
  • Newly created web pages
  • Freshly updated web pages
  • FriendFeed updates
  • Jaiku updates
  • Identi.ca updates
  • TwitArmy updates
  • Google Buzz posts
  • MySpace updates
  • Facebook fan page updates
  • Quora
  • Gowolla
  • Plixi
  • Me2day
  • Twitgoo

Google has not confirmed the new sources but we now see them in the real time search stream.

Hat tip to TechCrunch for spotting this Quora thread.

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