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Google Quality Raters Can Rate Your Site Without Seeing It

PotPieGirl, the one who posted the latest Google quality raters handbook has come back with a new post on Google Raters – Who Are They?

She looks into a discussion forum devoted to these quality raters, where they discuss day to day topics that come up for the job.

She points out one post where a quality rater said they can rate the quality of the site without actually seeing the site, instead they can rate it based on the search result’s snippet. One rater said in the forums, “When I was doing 20 I did a lot based just on snippets.” Are you surprised?

Does the rating a Google quality rater assign to your site make an impact on your site’s rankings? Probably not directly, but if you’re site gets a poor quality rating by hundreds of raters – I think that might raise a red flag.

PotPieGirl covers a lot of things about the Google Raters including:

  • How Google hires raters
  • What raters do
  • What their performance requirements are
  • and more…

Check out her whole post on her blog.

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