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Google Protects Its Trademark Against Aussie Alcohol Search Engine


Guess which one of these company names is Google approved?

An alcohol price comparison search engine based in Australia has been forced to change its name after a six-month trademark battle with Google. Originally called “Groggle,” the web site is now known as Drinkle.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Groggle owner Cameron Collie received a cease-and-desist letter from Google earlier this year, with just “days left” in the trademark objection filing period. Google was concerned about possible confusion over the similarity between its name and Groggle.

“I don’t think that there would have been any confusion in the marketplace,” Collie told the newspaper this week.

But after six months of negotiations, Google essentially got what it wanted, and Groggle became Drinkle. Neither is saying anything about the terms of the deal. “I can’t kind of get into the specifics,” Collie said, “because we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with [Google] but essentially the settlement — the end result of the settlement – is us changing our name.”

A Google spokesperson confirmed for Search Engine Land that it “reached agreement” with Collie and is “glad to move forward.”

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