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Google Promoting "Internet Stats" Site

Last September Google launched “Internet Stats” in the UK. Now Google is “launching” it in the US or perhaps, more precisely, exposing it again.

The site aims to be a repository for data points, organized by broad categories, market sectors and verticals. Data come from various sources, but mostly trade groups and market research firms cited in third party publications.

It has an interesting, “random” quality but does contain some useful information on consumer trends, media consumption, device adoption and so on. Some of the more interesting information is contained within the “verticals” area.

I wonder why web crawling isn’t involved here in some way (as with Google Squared). Over time, as the site gains more content and better organization, it may become a truly useful tool. Right now it’s more of a novelty and curiosity. There’s no fact checking or validation of the data submitted to my knowledge.

If you want to help the site along you can “submit a stat” here.

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