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Google Phone Gallery Presents A Comparison Engine For Android Handsets

It’s the return of the Nexus One online store. In fact the old URL for the Nexus One site is now occupied by a mini shopping comparison site for Android handsets called the “Google Phone Gallery.” Note that it’s called Google Phone Gallery and not “Android Phone Gallery.” Indeed, it’s meant to showcase “Android-powered devices that deliver the best Google experience today.”

Android devices are multiplying like rabbits and consumers are going to be confused by all the handset choices. Verizon in the US, for example, has six Android handsets to choose from.

It’s therefore helpful to be able to compare “Google Phones” across carriers, by manufacturer and by country:

This represents the best single place to compare features and capabilities of most Android handsets online. The glaring omission, which I’m sure Google will rectify, is handset reviews.

Each handset profile provides a link to a carrier store to buy the desired phone:

The Google Phone Gallery is in the same direct-to-consumer conceptual spirit of the Nexus One store while being far less alienating to Google’s carrier partners. It also has a quality of “necessity” now with the dozens and dozens of Android devices on the market.

See also: Blame Bing: Why The Google Phone Gallery Doesn’t List Verizon’s Best Android Phone.

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