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Google Posts for verified knowledge panels are going away

On July 20, 2021, Google will discontinue the ability for those with verified knowledge panels to use Google Posts. To be clear, this only impacts verified knowledge panels, not the local Google Posts you manage within Google My Business.

The notice. Google has been emailing those who have used this feature in the past to tell them that, starting on July 20, 2021, “you will no longer be able to create new posts via Posts on Google or use the authoring tool to make updates to the knowledge panel.” However, you can still download your posts and save them locally if you want.

Here is a screenshot of this notice from Lily Ray:

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot from Jason Barnard oh how it currently functions:

Google Posts for knowledge panels example

History. In 2017, Google began allowing some sports teams to add Posts to their knowledge panels. The company then extended this feature to musicians and artists in 2018. Soon after, Google added verification for knowledge panels, which opened up the feature to more entities.

Google My Business. As a reminder, this is separate from how Google Posts work within Google My Business. Google Posts do not seem to be going away for local business panels.

Why we care. If you used Google Posts in these knowledge panels to communicate to searchers about updates, changes or new events, you should know it is being discontinued. Google is also giving you 30 days to download your Google Posts history, so if you want to save it, make sure to download the data.

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