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Google Pledges Crack Down on Unscrupulous AdWords Resellers

Attention AdWords resellers falsely trumpeting your “special” relationship with Google and the discounted pricing you can offer as a result: Google is coming after you.

The company today rolled out new policies for third parties, such as agencies, who offer their clients AdWords as part of their services.

Under the terms, agencies must provide their clients with metrics on costs, clicks and impressions on AdWords at least monthly, if not more often. Companies working mostly with small businesses are also required to educate them about AdWords and the third-party relationship by providing a disclosure statement created by Google.

The new third-party policies are designed to go after agencies who engage in deceptive practices. Examples include representing themselves as having a special relationship with Google, when they don’t, or billing clients for their Google Places listing, which is free.

The company says it will begin proactively investigating third parties as of April 1, and it is also offering a place where complaints can be filed.

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