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Google Opens Retail Google Schwag Store

Louis Gray reports that Google has opened up a physical retail store, to compliment their online store.

The physical store is located on the Google Campus at 2000 Charleston Road building, known as the 2000 Alza building. The building houses the Google Buzz team and “consumer-facing products” according to Gray. When Gray visited Google recently he said he found the “lobby swarming with gadget seekers today, and a line with dozens of customers looking to sport the Google logo.” He took a video of the inside of the store, which shows a nice line at the checkout counter:

Can you just walk in and buy something off the street? I am not sure, from my experience there, I don’t think so – I think you need to be invited. But maybe the rules were recently changed for this building? If not, I did post a trick on how to get a Google Tour. Tell Google you are from the Marines and you might get a personalized tour of the GooglePlex and who knows ,maybe even some free schwag!

Postscript: A Google spokesperson emailed us informing us that the only way to gain access to the physical Google Store is to be a Google employee or invited by a Google employee. Here is Google’s comment:

We recently moved the location of our onsite store for more space and easier access. The store is open to Google employees and their guests. For those unable to visit the onsite store, we encourage them to visit the online Google Store: http://www.googlestore.com/

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