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Google now lets you place products at the top of your local and Maps listing

Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, has a new feature in the products section that lets you mark a product as “special.” After you mark a product as special, that product will be moved to the top of the products you listed in your Google Business Profile listing.

What it looks like. Here is the setting in the Google Business Profile products section that says “Mark as Special.” It says “products marked Special are shown at the top of the page.”

The "Mark as Special" feature in Google Business Profile.The "Mark as Special" feature in Google Business Profile.

Why we care. Clearly, some local SEOs and businesses wanted a method to promote products to the top of the page. This gives them a way to feature one or more products higher up in their Google local search listings and Google Maps listings.

I personally do not see this feature but others like Shameem Adhikarath do. We have asked Google for a comment about the rollout of this feature and are waiting to hear back.

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