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Google November spam update is fully rolled out

The Google November spam update that began rolling out on November 3rd is now fully rolled out. Google has updated us 8 days after it first started to roll out that the rollout is complete.

The announcement. Here is the announcement about the update from Google on Twitter:

This update is complete.

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) November 11, 2021

Impact. It is hard to say the full impact of this update, we feel this update “had legs” but you would have only noticed this update if you were doing some form of spam efforts that this algorithm targeted. Also, Google suggested this was about content spam and not specifically link spam.

Previous updates. Before this, the most recent confirmed Google update was back in July 2021 named the link spam update. Before that was the July 2021 core update, followed by the June 2021 core update, then part one and part two of the spam updates in June 2021. It’s been quite a year of updates.

Why we care.If you notice large ranking or traffic changes from your organic Google search results, you may have been hit by this spam update. Spam updates target specific guideline violations. This update may have been more focused on content spam efforts. Check your rankings and Google organic traffic over the past week to see if you noticed any big changes to your positions.

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