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Miss "Old" Google News? Another Option Helps Bring It Back

I noticed this morning that Google News has added a toggle for the right side column on the home page, allowing it to have a “two column” format that the old version of Google News had. It’s the second change now that allows people to make Google News like the old version, something many people have wanted.

If you haven’t been following, Google News launched a major redesign in late-June of this year. Many of the dedicated Google News users complained and Google added options to set a desired column view about a month ago.

That wasn’t good enough, the complaints continued. Today, Google quietly added a toggle to the news home page to totally remove the right side column (featuring Recent, Spotlight, Fast Flip, etc,).

Here is a picture of the toggle arrow:

Google News Collapse Side Section

When you click the right arrow, the content shifts right and the right column goes away:

Google News Collapse Side Section

Fred from Google gave some users a heads up of this change in the Google News forum. The Google News Blog currently does not have any mention of this change.

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