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Google Morphs AdWords Offering For Major Motion Picture Studios

Google has announced a new version of AdWords called Media Ads, aimed initially at marketers of major motion pictures with new releases. It will allow them to embed the trailer into their ad, and have it automatically come up first when someone searches for the title, or some variation of it. When someone clicks, Google will bring up a large lightbox to play the video, dimming the rest of the screen.

Marketers will pay a flat fee every time someone clicks on the ad, but there’s no bidding and no keywords. If they’re the verified studio behind the movie, they’ll get the top ranking.

Google’s been experimenting for some time with ways of allowing major film studios to make trailers available within AdWords. First, Video Extensions, which embedded videos inline, were in limited beta release. Now Google is making the new offering available to the same people. Eventually, the company plans to make the product available more widely, to other providers of video content.

The company says this is part of an initiative to create new AdWords formats, which it started more than a year ago.

(Home page image via Shutterstock, used with permission.)

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