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Google Maps adds dock to bottom

Google recently added a feature to Google Maps to dock local listings to the bottom of the map interface. When you search for a business, you can click the “dock to bottom” button. That will trigger Google Maps to move that local listing to the footer of the map interface so that searchers can reopen the place later.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of this feature, that I’ve been seeing for the past week for some of my local maps queries:

Use case. Searchers can use this to dock numerous places to the bottom of the page so they can organize a trip. It can also be used when you are searching for a local business and multiple options interest you, you can dock the ones you like and dig into which one you prefer to go to. If you are a foodie, you can dock a bunch of restaurants to check out later. There are many use cases.

Why we care. This is another Google Maps feature that helps searchers browse local listings and save them for later. It is unclear if this feature will stick (no pun intended) and last for a long time or if the feature will go away at some point. It seems like a useful maps feature and I kind of like it.

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