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Google Logo & "Pegwoman" Celebrate 100th Anniversary Of International Women's Day

Google’s sporting a special logo today, this one in honor of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. The company is also inviting people to celebrate through real-life and virtual events around the world. Plus, “Pegman” on Google Earth is being joined for the first time by “Pegwoman.”

Pegman, Meet Pegwoman

That’s Pegwoman at the top right of this post. To see her on Google Maps, click on the Pegman icon and drag him to drop on any street that’s marked in blue, which indicates that Google has StreetView photography for that location:

When you let go, Pegwoman will appear on the map, below the StreetView image:

The Internations Women’s Day Google Logo & Events

Of course, most people will notice the special logo that Google is sporting today, in honor of the anniversary:

Instead of the usual behavior, where clicking on a special logo generates a search for the logo’s topic, Google instead is routing people to a special page where people can join in real-life events taking place on bridges around the world, along with virtual events:

Google also writes more about its support of the anniversary and the “Join Me On The Bridge” campaign on its official blog here.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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