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Google Logo Changes As You Type

Google continues to have fun with its home page logo in the lead up to a search-related event/announcement that’s planned for Wednesday morning. The new logo is grayed out when you first visit google.com.


But it begins to change to the traditional, multi-colored logo as you type a search query. A cursor appears up in the word “Google,” and the colors return to gray if you backspace as you type.


It’s very much like the search results as you type feature that was first spotted a couple weeks ago, and seems to be another preview of what’s to come on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Google’s home page featured a logo made up of balls/circles that the company described as “fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be.”

Postscript: You can read our live blogging or learn how to watch the Google search event live at 9:30 PST by going here.

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