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Google Operators In Instant, Profiles In Navigation & AdWords URL On Description Line

Google is often changing and experimenting with their web search interfaces. Most recently, Google switched back from the purple AdWords background color the the yellow color. There are at least three new changes Google has implemented or is testing on their search results interface.

(1) Google Instant Works For Search Operators: As reported at Google Operating System blog, if you begin to type in a search operator into Google’s search box, Google Instant will kick in. For example, try searching this site on Google by typing [site:searchengineland.com keywords goes here]. Previous, Google would instruct you to click “enter”, now Google will load the search results as you type the keywords.

(2) Google Profiles In Navigation Bar: Google has made several tweaks to the top navigation bar over the year, but I can’t remember the navigation bar ever having images in them. Google Operating System reports some users as seeing their Google Profile within the navigation bar in the location of where you can sign in to Google. Here is a picture from the blog:


(3) AdWords Display URL & Description on Same Line: We know Google recently placed the title and 1st line description on the same line. But Google seems to be testing placing the description text and display URL on the same line as well. This test is not new, I spotted it back in May 2010 but have not heard of it since. It seems those tests are back and here is a screen shot:

AdWords Display URL

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