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Google Images Carousel For Tablets & Better Movie Results For Phones

Google announced two new improvements to mobile interfaces. The first is a new look for image results on tablets called the image carousel and the second is better movie results on Android and iPhone devices.

Tablet Image Carousel:

When you use Google Images on tablet devices including iOS or Android tablet’s browsers, and then click on an image, you will see the new image carousel feature. It is very similar to the smart phone experience from April, where you can swipe through images or click the arrows through images. It is also similar to the feature on the Google iPad app.

Here is a video demo of it in action:

Greg Sterling covered this at our sister site, Marketing Land, but it deserves a mention here as well.

Movie Results on iPhone & Android:

Now when you search for movie related keywords on your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll see a new swipeable ribbon at the top. It allows you to swipe the movie covers right and left and then click on them to view more details about the movie. You can see this yourself by searching for [movies] or your favorite theater name.

Here is a picture:

Then clicking on the movie shows you this level of detail and even allows you to buy the tickets:

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