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Google Health Redesign Focuses On Wellness Tracking & Data

Google announced they have redesigned Google Health. The redesign primarily focuses on providing the user with access to wellness information.

Users can track progress with their blood pressure, cholesterol, coffee intake, weight, and so on. Even more, users can set goals and watch their progression to meeting those goals. So if you want to track your progress in cutting down on mayonnaise, you can easily do that and see how it impacts your weight and blood pressure. In addition, you can add manual notes to your health journal.

Google also added “several new partners” to Google Health, including Fitbit, maker of a wearable device that captures health and wellness data such as steps taken, calories burned and sleep quality; and CardioTrainer, one of the top mobile apps for tracking fitness activity and weight loss.

For more information, see the Google Blog and here are some pictures:


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