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Google Goggles Has Mad Sudoku Skillz

Google Goggles will be the death of Sudoku.

Really, what’s the point in staring intently over a grid of lines and numbers and trying to figure out which missing numbers belong in which empty boxes when you can just fire up Google Goggles and solve the whole puzzle in a matter of seconds? Like this:

How cool is that?!?

To be fair, Sudoku is one of those things — like crossword puzzles, perhaps — where part of the joy is the challenge itself, and no, this isn’t really gonna be the death of Sudoku. But you can’t argue that it’s pretty cool. This Sudoku-solving wizardry works on both the iPhone and Android versions of Google Goggles.

This is one of a few announcements coming from the Google Mobile blog today. The Android version of Goggles also sports faster barcode scanning, while both the Android and iPhone versions can now provide web search results when you scan print ads from magazines and newspapers.

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