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Google Gaining Ground In Smartphone, Browser Markets

Google’s Android smartphone operating system is poised to overtake Apple’s iPhone for market share, and its Chrome browser has reached a major milestone, capturing 10% of the market. The smartphone figures come from Nielsen in November, while the browser numbers were measured in December by Net Applications, an Aliso Viejo, Calif. company that tracks market share on various technologies.

The figures show that Google, despite being a latecomer to both fields, is giving competitors a serious run for their money.

In the smartphone arena, Android OS has achieved 25.8% market share, which is still behind Apple’s iOS (28.6%). RIM’s Blackberry came in at 26.1% in Nielsen’s reckoning. Android has the most momentum, however. Among those who acquired a smartphone in the last six months, Android was the clear winner, at 40.8% in November, with iOS coming in next at 26.9%. Blackberry only captured 19.2% of the new buyer market in November, and its share has been decreasing over the past 6 months, Nielsen reports.

Chrome also achieved a significant milestone, reaching 9.98% market share, effectively 10%, according to Net Applications data. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still commands the lead at 57% market share in December, though it lost 1.36% in market share since November. The Safari browser grew 0.34%, to 5.89%, ┬áin market share in the same period, while Firefox stayed essentially the same, at 22.81%, according to Net Applications.

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