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Google Finally Drops Emojis From Search Results Listings Page


After months of Google displaying the fun Emoji characters in their desktop search results and years of displaying them in mobile, Google lived up to their promise of removing them from the search results.

Over the weekend, Google has dropped the Emoji results from both the desktop and mobile search results listing page.

This came after some big brands like Expedia began coming up with cute and clever ways to use Emojis in the search results with the aim of increasing the click-through rate from the organic search results to their web pages.

Back in the first week of May, Google said they would drop emojis from their search results pages. But it didn’t happen until several weeks later.

Jennifer Slegg was one of the first to report the change with how Google dropped these Emojis from the search results.

Again, this should come as no surprise to anyone, as Google has been saying they would be removed for several weeks now.

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