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Google Encouraging AdWords Expansion With Google Global Market Finder

The Google AdWords Blog announced new tools to help advertisers expand their search ads into other countries and languages. Google released a new keyword research tool named Global Market Finder and a resource site named Google Ads for Global Advertisers for this purpose.

The Global Market Finder tool will translate your keywords into languages you defined as your market reach. The tool will then rank each location by market opportunity by combining search volume, suggested bid price, and competition for each translated keyword. Google does warn that automatic translation is “not perfect”, so be careful to verify the translation with someone who speaks the language fluently and natively.

Here is a picture of what the tool displays:

Google Global Market Finder

After you do the research, Google wants you to go to the Google Ads for Global Advertisers wizard that takes you through the various tools Google offers for this purposes. Google says it pulls together the following tools:

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