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Google adds 3 new content guidelines for Education Q&A structured data

Search Engine Land » Channel » SEO » Google adds 3 new content guidelines for Education Q&A structured data

Google adds 3 new content guidelines for Education Q&A structured data

Google provides new guidance around how to stay eligible to earn and maintain visibility in the education Q&A rich results.

on August 25, 2022 at 3:00 pm | Reading time: 2 minutes

Google has added a new Content Guidelines section to its help document on Education Q&A structured data.

The new guidelines. Here are the new guidelines Google has added:

  • Education Q&A pages must follow thesame content guidelines for Q&A pages.
  • Your page must contain education related questions and answers. There must be at least one question and answer pairing on your page, and the answer must be related to and answer the user’s question.
  • You are responsible for the accuracy and quality of your education Q&A pages through this feature. If a certain amount of your content is found to be inaccurate based on quality and pedagogical review processes, then all or a subset of your Q&A pages may not be eligible for this feature until you resolve the issues.

Why Google added this. Google said these guidelines were created to “ensure that our users are connected with learning resources that are relevant.”

Failure to comply. If Google finds you are violating the guidelines, Google could either:

  • Take manual action on your site.
  • Not display your content as a rich result.

What is this page? Google released the Education Q&A structured data help document in May. This help document provides guidance on how to add Quiz structured data to flashcard and single Q&A pages so it appears in Google’s Education Q&A carousel, Google Assistant and Google Lens results.

Why we care. If you have site related to education, the Education Q&A structured data could help improve your visibility in Google results and also potentially increase click-throughs. Make sure to follow Google’s specific guidance here around relevancy, accuracy and quality so you maintain eligibility for this feature and avoid possible manual action.

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