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Google drops AMP label in mobile search results

As of this morning it appears Google has stopped displaying the AMP label for AMP pages listed in the Google mobile search results. For example, the pages on this site currently are AMP enabled, but when you find articles in Google’s mobile search results from this site, the gray AMP label no longer shows up.

AMP label gone. Here is a screenshot of the Google mobile search results without the AMP icon:

Not replaced yet. Google was thinking of showing a page experience label instead, but we have yet to see Google show the page experience label that they tested for a short period of time last December.

Instead, Google shows no label for either AMP enabled pages nor for pages that meet the page experience update factors – at least not yet.

History. Google’s mobile search results displayed variations of AMP labels since AMP launched in 2016. So them going away, after five years, is kind of a big deal. Will searchers notice them missing? I doubt it.

But yes, SEOs will and do notice.

Looks like Google has removed the AMP flash icon pic.twitter.com/Rurv2LEwqR

— Valentin Pletzer (@VorticonCmdr) July 20, 2021

Why we care. Removing the AMP icon may influence searchers to click less on your pages. I guess we will see over time if your AMP pages get fewer clicks from the mobile search results as a result of Google removing the AMP logo.

Will Google bring in the page experience label / indicator? So far, it seems unlikely but you never know.

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