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Google Doubles Pace Of Acquisitions In 2010

Google Steps Up Acquisitions as Some Internal Projects Falter from Bloomberg reports Google has doubled their anticipated acquisition levels in 2010 and plans on keeping that pace going.

In early January 2009 Google halted acquisitions, but in September 2009 said they would begin shopping for businesses to acquire again.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said he has doubled that pace because “the opportunities are there.” Schmidt added, “We can afford it. We’re in a mode of investment for the long term.” Just this year, Google has acquired 17 companies including Aardvark, reMail, Picnik, DocVerse, Simplify Media, Episodic, PlinkArt, Agnilux, LabPixies, Bump Technologies, Global IP Solutions, Simplify Media, Invite Media, ITA Software, Metaweb, Instantiations, Slide.com and Jambool. I should note that many of Google’s acquisitions turn into big failures.

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