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Google Releases Chrome Extension To Encourage Spam Reporting

Google has released a Chrome browser extension that simplifies and encourages spam reporting. Earlier today, Matt Cutts, Google’s web spam chief, tweeted about the Google Webspam Report extension.

The extension adds a “Report spam” link (or button) in four places:

  • under each listing in Google’s search results pages (seen above)
  • your Google search history
  • your Chrome browser history
  • next to Chrome’s address bar

The link leads to a short form that the extension will pre-populate when it can. It seems to function almost exactly as requested by Steve Plunkett in the first comment when Cutts asked his blog readers to suggest webspam projects for 2010 this past summer.

Non-Chrome users can still report spam via Webmaster Tools, and non WT users can use Google’s public form.

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