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Google Business Profiles sets waiting period for new owners and managers

Google updated its Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, help documents to say that when you add a new owner or manager to a business profile, those new users may have to wait seven days prior to being able to manage all the features of the profile.

New limits. These new limits are documented over here but I found them via Ben Fisher’s blog, where it says.

When a new owner or manager is added to an existing Business Profile, they must wait for 7 days before they can manage all the features of the profile. During this 7 dayperiod, the new owner or manager gets an error if they try any of the following:

  • Delete or undelete a profile.
  • Remove other owners or managers from a profile.
  • Transfer primary ownership of a profile to themselves or a third user.
  • An existing owner or manager tries to transfer primary ownership of the profile to a new owner or manager still in their first 7 days.

If the new owner or manager deletes their account within the first 7 days, they’re removed from the profile. If they undelete their account, they must be added to the profile again.

Why we care. So if you added new owners and/or managers to a Google Business Profile and that user cannot manage all the features for that business listing, then this is why. It is a new limitation Google is making, maybe to increase security and prevent fraud or hack attempts.

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