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Google+ Brand Posts Have Been Stripped From Knowledge Graph Cards


This week Google’s  Knowledge Graph cards became a little less social. The Knowledge Cards had previously displayed recent Google+ posts of many brands, something that was discontinued last week.

According to a Google spokesperson the Google+ posts were removed from Knowledge Graph cards in search results in order to provide more consistency. Google+ supporters shouldn’t be disheartened though, Google+ posts will appear within the search results page – just not the Knowledge Cards. This places the Google+ posts  along with tweets and other publicly crawlable links in the same fashion as any other social network. It was confirmed that this change officially went live last week.


Google+ Posts Previously Showing


Google+ Posts No Longer Showing

The change of integrating Google+ similarly to other networks has been in place for awhile now. In January Google began tying other Social profiles into the Knowledge Graph cards and earlier this year Google decreased promotion of the service.

The Google+ posts in the Knowledge Graph were still a boon for many marketers who were active on Google+. Ad extensions and Google+ follower information is still displaying for AdWords ads, this change is for the Knowledge Graph only.

Hat/tip to SEMPost .

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