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Google Blasted By Mother Of Naked Boy On Google Maps

The Manchester Evening News reported that a UK mother was incredibly upset with Google after finding her 3-year-old son naked on Street View imagery within Google Maps.

The image has been removed, but when it was there, the license plate and faces were blurred out, but not the little boy. An hour after Google was notified of the image, it was gone.

But who is to blame here? The mother for sending out her kid naked, where cars can pass by? Or Google for taking photos of private homes from public streets? Either way, if there is a lesson learned here, make sure your kids are dressed when they are in clear view by the public. You never know who or what is watching.

Google released a statement:

We take issues around inappropriate content in our products very seriously, and we removed the image in question within an hour of being notified.

For us, privacy and user choice remain paramount.

This is why we have put in place tools so that if people see what they believe to be inappropriate, they can report them to us using the simple tools and the images will be quickly removed. We apologise for any inadvertent concern this may have caused.

The DailyMail in the UK has a blown up censored picture of boy on Google Maps and a picture of the boy and the mother for the story. You wonder how concerned she is with her boy’s privacy after having her picture in the paper?

Hat tip to News.com for spotting this.

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