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Google Approves Anti-Google Ad Despite AdWords Trademark Issue

Almost all Google AdWords advertisers know that bidding on some keywords are off limits. One of those keywords is [google] and typically you won’t see any ads for a search containing the word [google], unless the ad is from Google.

However, recently Google has allowed an anti-Google ad to be shown. CNet reports the consumer watchdog group tried several times to purchase an ad on Google to promote their trusting Google campaign, only to be rejected time and time again. Eventually, the watchdog group published a complaint about the ad disapprovals and Google allowed the ad to go through.

A Google spokesperson told CNet:

As the trademark owner, upon becoming aware of their letter, we decided–regardless of whether these particular ads violate our policies or not–to authorize them to run.

I wonder if this will open up more ads for Google’s name, including competitive ads?

Here is a picture of the ad, now live on Google for some searches:

Anti-Google AdWords Ad

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