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Google announces new features in Ads Editor version 1.8

The latest edition of Google Ads Editor has been announced and includes many new features and views:

What’s new?

  • Overview page: A new view has been created in Google Ads Editor, “Overview”, which is similar to the Overview page in the online Google Ads Editor interface.
  • Auto-apply view for Recommendation: Auto-apply, a new view under Recommendations, allows you to enable or disable automatic application of certain recommendation types.
  • Support for asset-based call extensions: Google Ads Editor now fully supports asset-based call extensions, also known as “Call extensions (upgraded)”.
  • Support for asset-based price extensions: Google Ads Editor now fully supports asset-based price extensions, also known as “Price extensions (upgraded)”.
  • Target CPA recommendations for Display, VAC, Discovery: For some accounts, Google may provide Target CPA bid recommendations for new Display, Video Action (also known as “Video – Drive conversions”), and Discovery campaigns.

The announcement, which can be found here, includes many more new options for advertisers.

Why we care. Make sure to go through the list and determine which new features will best serve your accounts and clients when you use Google Ads Editor. These features should make it easier for you to manage campaigns and advertising strategies for all your accounts when you’re not online.

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