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Google Already On Next AdWords API: v201003 Beta

Just about a month ago Google shut down v13 of the AdWords API for v200909. Now Google announced the next version of the AdWords API, v201003 beta.

Google explained that v200909 is not going away anytime soon. But they want to release this new beta to enhance the current offerings of their AdWords API. The enhancements include:

  • ReportService beta: generate reports about the performance of your AdWords campaigns
  • Bid simulator: see estimated clicks, cost and impressions corresponding to various Max. CPC bids
  • Ad Sitelinks extensions: include up to four additional links in your ads to deeper content on your site
  • Phone extensions: add a phone number to your text ads that appear on mobile devices with full Internet browsers such as iPhone and Android ads
  • Sync for location extensions: synchronize your AdWords location extensions with Google Places (formerly Local Business Center) listings
  • MediaService: upload images and icons for location extensions
  • Position preference: specify in what position range you’d like your ads to appear
  • Target CPA: bid based on the average amount you’d like pay for a conversion
  • Carrier and device targeting: target ads to specific mobile carriers and devices
  • Category targeting: show placement targeted ads on a set of placements with the same theme
  • 1-per-click and many-per-click conversions: get both types of conversion metrics
  • A minimum size for bulk mutate jobs

It is important to note that v13 still powers TrafficEstimatorService and AccountService but that ReportService is available in beta within v201003.

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