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Google AdWords Adds New Features To Opportunities Section

The Google AdWords Blog announced a few new features they recently added to the opportunities tab within the AdWords Console. Those features include first page CPC ideas, more robust statistics for your keyword ideas, bid ideas for ad groups, and a way to export your ideas.

The AdWords blog offers more details and screen shots:

(1) First page CPC ideas: First page CPC ideas help you adjust your bids so that your ads have a better chance of appearing on the first page of search results. If you have first page CPC ideas in your account, these will appear in your Opportunities tab above your keyword, bid, and budget ideas.


(2) More robust statistics for your keyword ideas: Until now, we’ve provided ‘estimated monthly searches’ as the primary statistic upon which to evaluate the potential impact of your keyword ideas. Now, in addition to search estimates for each keyword, you’ll also see estimates for impressions, cost, and clicks whenever these statistics are available. These new statistics can help you make more informed decisions about which keywords you apply to your account.


(3) Bid ideas for ad groups: Bid ideas can now be found at the ad group level in addition to the keyword level.


(4) Export your ideas: If you have a lot of ideas in your account, exporting these to a .csv file can be a good way for you to review optimizations before you apply them. Exporting your ideas is as easy as clicking the ‘Export all ideas to .csv’ link. While you can see all the other features in the Opportunities tab now, this last feature is rolling out to all advertiser accounts over the next few weeks.


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