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Google Ads’ updated Experiments page sheds campaign drafts and adds experiment sync

Google Ads is rolling out an updated Experiments page, the company announced Wednesday. In the new Experiments pages, advertisers no longer have to create a separate campaign draft and changes made to the original campaign are automatically synced to the experiment as well.

An example of an experiment summary within Google Ads.An example of an experiment summary within Google Ads.
An example of an experiment summary within Google Ads. Image: Google.

Why we care. This streamlined experiments workflow saves advertisers time by eliminating campaign draft creation. Similarly, the experiment sync feature is also a timesaver because advertisers may no longer have to manually copy changes over from their original campaigns, which can be particularly time-consuming when running multiple experiments simultaneously.

And, the ability to apply the changes from an experiment to the base campaign with just one click also makes implementation easier.

The new Experiments workflow. First spotted by numerous PPC professionals in December 2021, one of the main features of the new workflow is the ability to set up an experiment in a single step, without having to create a campaign draft.

During experiment setup, advertisers can designate how much of their original campaign’s budget and traffic they’d like to use and how long they’d like the experiment to run for. Performance can be monitored from the Experiments page and changes can be applied to the original campaign with a single click.

Automatically sync experiments. The new experiment sync feature automatically updates the trial with any changes made to the base campaign.

The experiment sync option in Google Ads.The experiment sync option in Google Ads.
The experiment sync option in Google Ads. Image: Google.

Sync is turned on by default whenever a new experiment is created. However, it can’t be turned on for trials that have been scheduled or are already running. All changes made by experiment sync are reported within the account’s change history.

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