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Google Ads rolling out new icons more widely

Google, over the past few months, has been rolling out new icons within the Google Ads console. Those who spend their days inside the ad console are taking notice of the new icons.

Screenshot. Here is a screenshot of the new Google Ads navigational icons from Brett Bodofsky on Twitter:

Some saw these earlier. Some have said they saw these icons begin to show up months ago, so we assume Google is now more widely rolling the new icons out now.

Me too – interesting that not everyone had them

— Melissa L Mackey (@beyondthepaid) December 15, 2021

Reaction. The reaction to the change of icons is not all positive but you’d expect that when Google makes any sort of change to any of its interfaces. ere are some of the responses to the new icons:

Can’t help but feel as though it’s a step backwards for readability!

— Chris Bailey (@Chris_Baileys) December 16, 2021

Have it on some and not on others. Same MCC. Similar issue w FB currently different icons and sub-menus. Ad platform UI mental switching costs are TOO DAMN HIGH. pic.twitter.com/1PUPLZOhxR

— Tim Halloran (@timmhalloran) December 16, 2021

I had a sneak peak of this last week when I took on a new client. Personally not a fan but they also had a different style of filtering views.

— Chris Ridley (@C_J_Ridley) December 15, 2021

Why we care. This is not a huge change from the Google Ads team but it is a change that some PPC experts are taking notice of. Don’t be distracted by the change, the core functionality has not changed in Google Ads, this is just a user interface change that you might take some time to get use to.

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