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Google Ads launches new budget report

Google Ads is launching a new budget report to visualize monthly campaign spend behavior, the company announced Thursday.

The new budget report. Image: Google Ads.

What the budget report shows. The budget report shows daily spend, your campaign’s monthly spending limit (solid grey line), your monthly spend forecast (dotted blue line), cost to date (solid blue line) and any budget changes you’ve made during that particular month.

The shaded blue area shows the prediction intervals that indicate the upper and lower bound that the actual aggregate spend will likely land for a given day. Changes to your average daily budget are represented by arrow icons on the days the budget changed and you can hover over the arrows to see the budget changes.

How to access the budget report. To see the budget report, you’ll first need to have a campaign with a date range that includes the current month. The budget report is accessible from the Campaigns page, the shared library and the Ad groups page.

Why we care. This new report can help advertisers understand how editing their budget can impact the campaign’s spending limits, how past changes to average daily budget can affect performance and spend limits, and how much they’re projected to pay at the end of month. That information can then be used to improve their planning.

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