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Google Ads Editor v1.7 brings support for Hotel ads and lead form extensions

Google Ads Editor v1.7 is now available, Google announced Monday. With this update, advertisers can now use the Google Ads Editor to manage their Hotel ads, YouTube audio ads and lead form extensions, and select specific parts of their campaigns to download.

UPDATE: This update is now delayed and will release in a week, on Monday, August 9.

Managing Hotel ads in Google Ads Editor v1.7. Image: Google.

Why we care

For advertisers that use lead forms or run Hotel and/or YouTube audio ads in the web interface, the Google Ads Editor now supports these features so they can be managed offline. The ability to download specific parts of a campaign may also make it easier for advertisers to work on their campaigns while offline.

More about Google Ads Editor

  • The complete list of new features in Google Ads Editor v1.7 can be viewed at the Google Ads Help Center.
  • Google Ads Editor v1.6 was released in April 2021. Version 1.6 brought support for responsive video ads, asset-based promotion extensions, video lineups and more.
  • Google Ads Editor v1.5 was released in November 2020, although it wasn’t announced until mid-December 2020. This version added support for image extensions, dynamic ads feeds, the ability to filter by various criteria and more.

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