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Google Ads brings image extensions to desktop devices

Google Ads will begin rolling out image extensions to desktop devices in the coming weeks, the company announced Tuesday. This update also applies to dynamic image extensions.

A Search ad with an image extension on desktop. Image: Google

Why we care. Image extensions may help make your ads more visually appealing, which might encourage visitors to click on them. In a few weeks, they will also be available on desktop, enabling you to show relevant images to users whether they’re at home or on the go.

If you’re already running image extensions on mobile, they’ll automatically show on desktop devices as this update rolls out, so make sure to monitor performance so that you can assess whether this is something that’s worthwhile for your brand.

Image extensions on desktop. Prior to this update, image extensions only showed on mobile devices. For advertisers that are already using image extensions, their ads will automatically show with image extensions on desktop devices as this update rolls out.

Desktop device performance can be broken out by segmenting your data by “Device.”

Dynamic image extensions are also expanding. This update also brings dynamic image extensions, which automatically select the most relevant image from your ad’s landing page, to desktop devices. In addition, dynamic image extensions are also now available for all languages.

Stock image library. Google has also added a free, searchable library of stock images to help advertisers source visuals. To access the library, select “Stock Images” when you’re asked to choose an image for your image extension. Stock images can be cropped to a square or landscape format from directly within Google Ads before adding it to your image extension.

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