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Google Ads API supports Performance Max campaigns, Keyword Planner and recommendations

The Google Ads API has been updated to support Performance Max campaigns, Keyword Planner and recommendations, the company announced Friday. Within the announcement, Google also reiterated that the AdWords API will no longer be available beginning in April 2022, at which point it will be replaced by the Google Ads API.

Why we care

These updates add more flexibility and use cases to the Google Ads API. Keyword Planner can help advertisers identify keyword ideas, and supporting it within the API may provide PPC professionals (and possibly SEOs as well) with more possibilities to make better use of that data.

Though Performance Max campaigns are already designed to be easy to manage, having API support means that some advertisers won’t have to head to the Google Ads web interface just to make adjustments to their Performance Max campaigns.

Additionally, the deprecation of the AdWords API was first announced in April 2021. Marketers should ensure that they’ll be ready to switch over to the Google Ads API before the April 2022 deadline.

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